Is infrared the solution for night vision for the car driver on the foggy road?


A car driver who could see more, could avoid more accidents. Can night vision technology help us?

updated :

The driver of a car can see by night because the car is equipped with headlights. The headlights are perfect except in a few situations. We do not see the cow in the middle of the road when we are in the beams of a vehicle crossing us. On a foggy road driving can be very dangerous. The light, our eyes are made for, is a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The "visible" light that we see is most of the time reflected light. A body above 0~Kelvin is emitting infrared light. The light is depending of the kind of the body and the temperature. A person 37~celcius sends light of about 9~wavelenght. Water in the air absorbs the least energy in the wavelength range of 8-12 ~. So capturing those rays would make it possible to see a person on the road trough the fog.

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