Vehicle Identification Number

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The Vin Number (VIN) can be found on dashboards, driver's side door jamb stickers, and title documents.

The European Union has issued a directive to the effect that a VIN number must be used for all road vehicles in the EU member states. This directive complies with the ISO Standard but a year digit or factory code is not mandatory. Also, it is left to the choice of the manufacturer whether the VDS (Vehicle Description Section) is actually used for vehicle attributes or not. The system only applies to motor powered vehicles with at least four wheels capable of speed above 25 km/h and trailers.

In North America, a system is used that is far more stringent than the ISO Standards but is, to use a computer phrase, downward compatible.

The Vin Number was originally described in ISO Standard 3779 in February 1977 .

The vin decoder translates the figure in human language. VIN number decoding let you search or lookup and check the details of your car.