Powertrain control module and car electronics


updated :

From choke to microcontroller in powertrain control module at intel

Combine a certain amount of fuel whit air, ignite the mixture and you receive energy and residues of the reaction. We want to have as much as possible energy and as less as possible residues. The fuel / air mixture has to be "stoichiometric" (exact combined) . Before we ignite, we compress the air/fuel. After the ignition we need time for the reaction and for exporting the energy. The exact moment a sparkplug starts the firing in a cylinder is important. The conditions in and around an engine change. (throttle, rpm, temperature of the engine, density of the air, accelerating or slowing down) The mechanical tools could adjust a few factors. (like the old choke) Cost of fuel and environment factors obliged to do better. Electronics came involved in the to organize the recipe for a better engine. The [microcontroller] receives impute from car en environment conditions. The microcontroller adjust fuel/air impute and ignition point. The old ignition coil, spark distribution, and choke are gone.
Research will give more decisions to the "brain" of the microcontroller.
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