The future car and automated driving

the car in the future In the future car we will have the switch on/of automated driving.
updated :
ABS is the first system in the car that can do the opposite as the driver commands. ABS is one of the first steps to the future car and automated driving. ABS reduces the brake power on one wheel against the will of the driver. The result is a safer car by electronic decision-making. The airbag decide to inflate by electronic decision-making.The power train in the future car takes the place of the choke.
Computers will take over driving tasks where a simple decision has to be made fast.
To day we have the knowledge to get a 3D picture interpreted by a computer. We can measure the distance by the reflection of magnetic waves. The Highway can be monitored by a computer. The basic tools are available for automated driving on the Highway. The problem is that a computer guided car does not have the right to make mistakes. The manufacture would be responsible. So "Look Ma, No Hands" will not be for the near future.
Safety systems like ABS will come first. Gradually comfort systems like adaptive cruise control that considers external factors like weather, road marks and traffic around us and gps will enter the car. Automated driving is much more complex although we would be happy with a system helping us to avoid driving into the stopping vehicle before us.

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